Beach Road Chetan


Genre: Action , Drama , Sci-fi

Plot: Chetan is a happy-go-lucky guy whiling away his time with his friends and foes. One day he chances upon a mysterious iPhone that belongs to an eccentric Baba. Very soon, Chetan finds the girl of his dreams, Sruthi and falls in love. As things begin to blossom, she is abruptly found dead in the beach. Chetan is distraught. However, as he surfs his iPhone, he accidentally plays the last selfie video (of them together) and is transported back in time (to the time and place of the video taken), consequently bringing her back to life. Unknown to Chetan is a gang belonging to Port Vedu, the dreaded gangster of Vizag, that is pursuing Sruthi. With his new found ability to reverse time through his iPhone, Chetan now confronts them all and rescues Sruthi. Well, does he? Read More